You simply can’t please everyone.

I feel like most of us consciously know that pleasing everyone is an impossible task, but we still can worry so much about what others think.

And look, maybe you like the idea that you put pleasing other people ahead of pleasing yourself.

I can understand that, actually.

I love adding value to other people and helping them.

But what about pleasing everyone?

What about pleasing everyone else before yourself?

You can try to do this, but is that really how you want to live your life?

My question to people who try to please everyone is this: “What exactly is it that you hope to accomplish by pleasing everybody?”

If you really fast-forward to the future result, what do you come up with?

In the end, the only thing you will accomplish is tiring yourself out and living a life that’s not your own.

That might be tough to hear if you currently identify as a people-pleaser, but think about how true that is.

If all you’re constantly thinking about is how other people are going to interpret or see or react to what you do, then you don’t have much room to be yourself (if any).

It’s already hard enough to weigh out all your options and determine what’s going to work best for you, let alone the opinions of dozens of other people!

One of the examples I like to give here is the apartment my wife and I live in.

Years back, I would never have even considered living in a place like the one we do now.

We have a loft, a rooftop patio, valet trash service, a pool lined with palm trees, and the list just goes on.

Back then, I would have worried so much about what other people would think of me by living in this complex.

I would have even felt weird listing out all those amenities!

My thoughts were so focused on what other people would think instead of what would give me the best outcome.

Why do we live in a place like this now?

My wife and I both work from home!

We literally spend 95% of our time in our house, so living in a place that is beautiful and abundant and bright is super important to us.

Plus, with the type of work that we do, having a positive mindset is super important.

We deal with lots of rejection as entrepreneurs, so overcoming that and maintaining a great attitude and high levels of energy almost require us to surround ourselves with this kind of abundance!

If we were to allow other people’s opinions to influence where we chose to live, we could literally be holding ourselves back in the growth of our business and life!

So, guess what?

We decided to live here despite whatever other people might think.

And let me tell you, I don’t regret it for one second.

Now, that’s just one example.

Where you live might not even be on your radar at all when it comes to pleasing other people.

What I’d love to hear from you is what part of your life you believe you are holding yourself back in because you are so worried about pleasing other people.

Sometimes, having a third-party perspective can really help you to make the mental shift from focusing so much on others to focusing on what will actually give you the best outcome.

Let me know in the comments in what area of your life you worry a lot about what other people think.

When you do, also ask yourself, “Why are other people’s opinions of me so important to me when it comes to this subject?”

I’d love to hear your thoughts and maybe offer some feedback.

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