Who’s your competition?

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I speak from experience when I say that it’s EASY to get distracted by other people’s success.

You see someone hit a goal that you were going for too and you start thinking things like:

“I’m not growing fast enough!”

“Am I not working hard enough?”

Or, “I’ve got to be doing something wrong.”

Have you ever felt that way?

I know I have.

I still do this even today.

And it’s made me do some crazy things, and not just things that are self-destructive (as if that wasn’t bad enough).

It’s made me chase an array of random shiny objects, pour my energy into the wrong people and projects, and lose focus on the big picture in my business.

So, after all that, take it from me:

You are your only competition.

That’s right.

Take a look in the mirror right now.

That right there is your competition.

No one else.

All you have to do is make it your goal to beat the ‘you’ from yesterday.

And yes, that might mean that you’re not working hard enough.

It might mean that you have, in fact, been doing something wrong.

Don’t be above that.

The difference here is the REASON.

It’s just so you can beat YOU.

It comes from a place of self-improvement, not comparison.

When you constantly are comparing your progress to other people’s progress, you’re really just setting yourself up for failure.

It would be like driving on a highway and seeing people taking their exits and thinking, “Hey, should we have gotten off there?”

If you’re on a long trip, how much longer would it take you to get where you’re going if you were distracted like that every single time someone pulled off the highway?

You may not even reach your destination!

Stop being distracted by other people.

They are using their own GPS and are on their own trip.

And who knows, maybe they’re just stopping for a potty break? LOL.

Or maybe they got distracted themselves.

So how exactly do you not allow other people’s progress to distract from your own?

It’s all about the way you choose to view them.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that comparison is so awful and that you should never compare yourself to others.

I see why they say it, but to not compare yourself to others at all is limiting.

Here’s why:

When you compare yourself to others in a way that is inspiring and motivating and empowering, is that a bad thing?

No way!

In that scenario, seeing how far those people have gone can give you that push to work even harder toward your own goals.

Remember earlier how I said that you also can’t be above the idea that maybe you do need to change something?

That’s another way that comparison can help you.

If they are ahead of you, there might be a reason, right?

What are they doing differently than you that you might be able to learn from? Why is that working for them? Is it something that you can test for yourself as well? Is this just another shiny object or is it something that may actually move the needle for you and your business?

You can see how this is very different from just being distracted and saying, “I need to do that!” without taking the time to ask yourself a few questions first.

Make the choice, not to view other people as your competition, but as your inspiration.

Remember, YOU are your only competition.

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