The compounding effect of consistency

The other night, my wife and I were getting ready for bed.

She looks over at me and goes, “Have you lost weight??”

“What?? Why do you say that?” I said to her.

“You look thinner!”

Obviously I was flattered, but really I was proud!

I had been doing bodyweight exercises every morning for the last week and half.

But here’s what’s interesting:

  • My wife didn’t really know I’d been working out, she wakes up later than I do and I was doing it first thing in the morning, so it’s not like she was looking for a difference.
  • I didn’t ask her myself, she just noticed it.
  • I was only exercising for 10 minutes each time!

Ok so think about this:

I worked out minimally every morning for just a week and a half, and the person I live with who sees me every day noticed a change in my body!

That is incredible!

Obviously, I’m not saying this to brag about my body, but do you see how powerful consistency is?

And that even small habits will compound over time? (And maybe not even that much time!)

You’ve probably heard the saying before that ‘consistency is key’.

So how do you use this principle to grow your business?

Well the basis for growing your business is sales.

And who do you sell to?

Other people.

Which means that in order to make sales, you have to be connecting with other people.

So creating habits that connect you with other people on a daily basis is a fantastic place to start.

That could mean posting once a day to your IG feed, making X number of new friends in your target market every day on IG, or making X number of offers every day to prospects.

I use ‘X’ there because, as I explained before, quantity is not as important as consistency.

To be clear, quantity is still important, but making a habit of connecting with people on a regular basis is better for you and your business than just random big spurts.

One thing I will address is that a lot of people know what they should be doing, but find it difficult to actually do it or make it a habit.

Here are a couple tools that I’ve used in the past to build better habits:

1) Habit stacking

This is just finding a habit you already do every day (without giving it much thought) and tacking on the new habit to the end of it.

As an example, if you wanted to add flossing to your morning routine, you might tack it on immediately after putting in your contacts.

2) Alarms

I have alarms set throughout the day to remind me of when I should complete a given task.

As an example here, I have an alarm set to go off when it’s time to get ready for bed

This helps me to remember what I have to do, plus it ties it to a specific cue (the alarm going off).

3) Visualization

This might sound a little woo-woo, but I stand by it.

All it involves is picturing yourself doing the thing you say you’re going to do.

Again, as an example, when I lie down for bed, I picture my alarm buzzing in the morning and immediately getting out of bed.

I picture that over and over again until I fall asleep and then boom, my alarm buzzes and I’m out of bed.

Remember, it’s not about just these little tactics I shared with you here at the end, but about getting consistent.

Over time, the things you do consistently will compound into massive change in your life and business.

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