Success is like eating

Breakfast food

Just a few days ago, my dad fell off a roof.

He’s in construction and is on roofs all the time. At this point, we don’t really know exactly what happened except that it happened.

The amount of damage it did to his skull was insane. The hospital told us that he basically shattered the entire left side of his skull.

Honestly, that night, the doctors weren’t giving us much hope. They attempted to repair the main vein from his brain but couldn’t even finish because it was just too damaged.

Thankfully, as of today, things are looking much better.

There is still a bleed, but he seems to be doing well.

Like I said before, the doctors were not expecting anything like this. It was assumed that he would have permanent brain damage because of a clot that left an impression on his brain, he would never be able to hear out of his left ear because of the previously mentioned “shattering”, and he would need a lot of intense physical therapy before being able to do much of anything.

My dad is actually awake and, surprisingly, moving around! It’s incredible, shocking almost, considering the diagnosis on Wednesday night. He does seem to have some issue with short term memory, but he is doing really well otherwise.

I’m grateful for all of this news.

I call it “news” because I’m not actually allowed to be there myself because of everything happening with COVID. I am getting a couple updates each day, though, about how he is doing and I’m grateful for at least that.

Yesterday, though, I decided to clear my schedule and just take a mental health day.

But there is a lesson here for you, my friend (other than the big obvious one of being present with and kind to the ones you love because you never know what could happen).

When it comes to success, it’s something you have to work towards every single day.

One thing I like to compare it to is eating.

I know some people will fast every so often, and that’s on purpose. But nobody ever just wakes up, goes about their day, and heads back to bed without feeding themselves.

If you want to survive and thrive in life, you will make sure that you eat every day. Even if you don’t remember to do it, your body will remind you. You will feel that hunger.

It’s the same with your success.

You may have planned days every so often where you “fast” (kind of like that mental health day I just took) but other than that, you should be working towards your success every single day – no matter what.

And remember, the goal isn’t just to survive! It’s to thrive.

Don’t let a day go by without feeding your success.

Once you make this a part of who you are, you will feel the hunger on the days that you don’t make your success a priority.

The best part?

You can eat as much as you want! Eat it all my friend.

Just like when you actually eat, if you want to thrive you will eat multiple times a day.

And I don’t know about you, but my life is pretty busy! Even still, I make sure that I have breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. I even have it in my calendar.

Your life may be pretty busy too, but it’s never too busy to feed your success.

It’s never too busy to do what’s necessary to build the life you want for you and the people you care about.

Take massive amounts of action daily that will move you closer to the life you envision for yourself and it may just arrive even sooner than you realize.

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