H.O.W. to reach your goals

Have you ever heard of Brendon Burchard?

He’s big in the personal development space, and he wrote the book High Performance Habits

I learned this framework I’m going to teach you today from him:

H.O.W. to achieve your goals.

What I love about this framework is that it’s so simple, but so profound.

Here’s what the acronym stands for.

Habits, Optimism, and Work.

Yes, I know it seems so very basic.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but that’s life!

I understand because I’ve been there, but what it seems is that we’re all looking for some form of shortcut, or cheat code, or script that’s going to magically open the door to everything we’ve ever wanted.

That’s just not how life works.

It really is the basic stuff that takes us where we want to go.

But let’s break this down a little bit.

Habits are the things you do on a consistent basis (typically daily) that take you closer to your goal.

I used to be very results-focused with my goals (and I still am) but now I take it one step further and say, “Okay, I want to achieve this goal. What would I need to do every single day to get me to that goal in X amount of time?”

This is how you figure out what your daily habits should be.

The second part of the framework is Optimism.

I get that this can come off as cheesy, and I know people love to say that they’re not an optimist and they’re not a pessimist, they’re just a “realist”.

That’s fine, but talk to people who are ahead of you and they won’t tell you that being “realistic” is what got them there.

They had to have an intentionally positive outlook, bordering on unreasonable.

Where does this come from?

Well, actually, it comes from within you.

It’s a choice.

But it’s not just a one-time decision.

It’s a choice you have to make every day in every situation until it becomes a part of who you are.

The best way that I’ve found to do this is to always work in some form of personal development into my day, be it reading, listening to a podcast, watching a motivational video, anything like that.

The last part of the framework is Work.

Again, another piece of advice that seems basic but is really the foundation.

You’ve got to work hard.

You’ve got to show up.

You’ve got to do the hard things.

One thing I love about this acronym is how easy it is to remember.

So the next time you’re asking yourself how you’re going to reach your goals, instead think: H.O.W.

Habits. Optimism. Work.

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