“Fake it til you make it”?

Have you ever heard that phrase before?

I genuinely believe that whoever came up with it had good intentions.

I don’t believe that it was about being fake or deceptive with others, but “faking it” with yourself.

Here’s what I mean.

Would you agree that confidence is super important when it comes to selling others on your ideas?

Of course!

Confidence can make or break any deal.

Well, if that’s the case, how exactly do you sell other people on your idea if you don’t have results yet to be confident in?

That’s where “faking it” with yourself comes in (but not in a negative way).

If you don’t have results to be confident in, then where does your confidence come from?

You have to believe strongly in yourself, in your ability to deliver on the idea.

You have to be able to put yourself mentally into that future where the success has already happened and believe that it absolutely can and will happen.

Since it hasn’t happened yet, you are in a sense “faking it” in that your confidence is based in something that isn’t exactly real… yet.

Now, let’s turn the tables and say that someone comes to you with an opportunity.

Just because someone doesn’t yet have results, doesn’t mean they’re scamming you.

It might just mean that they’re self-confident and have an amazing vision.

In that case, you’re a fool to walk away from them.

Now look, I get it, none of us want to be taken advantage of.

But don’t you trust yourself enough to at least do some investigating before writing off an opportunity that could potentially change your life?

Funny enough, my wife and I have already generated incredible results, so I’m actually not referencing myself here.

But I see plenty of people just write off perfectly legitimate opportunities because the person they’re talking to hasn’t gotten results yet (or they’re just so skeptical that even real results aren’t enough proof).

Interestingly, though, if you look around, you’ll see that so many giant opportunities all started small.

Facebook started in a dorm room.

Apple started in a garage, and so did Amazon.

If you want a bigger and better life, you’ve got to stop thinking everything is a scam and start realizing that every big opportunity starts small.

Be willing to start small and believe in the vision.

Ok, let’s get back to “fake it til you make it”.

I recently read about this study that measured brain changes in people who practiced the piano.

One group physically practiced scales on a real piano, while the second group just practiced in their minds.

Same scales, same length of time.

Would you believe that the two groups had nearly identical brain activation and expansion?

It’s insane!

Our brains literally cannot tell the difference between what’s happening in our mind and what’s happening in reality.

So how do you have the confidence without having the results?

Visualize it!

Put yourself into that future where you have already put in all the work, you’ve had the success, your idea has been realized.

Feel how you would feel after having accomplished all of that.

Think about how you would walk differently, how you would talk, what energy you would bring to a room.

Wow, now that is confidence!

Be the person that accomplishes all those things, and you will accomplish them.

Success is not about the details of how, but the commitment to growth.

So, go out there my friend and fake it til you make it 🙂

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