“Fake it til you make it”?

Have you ever heard that phrase before? I genuinely believe that whoever came up with it had good intentions. I don’t believe that it was about being fake or deceptive with others, but “faking it” with yourself. Here’s what I mean. Would you agree that confidence is super important when it comes to selling othersContinue reading ““Fake it til you make it”?”

The key to not going insane (and somehow always being happy)

When I was a single guy back in 2017, I had this crazy idea to move to California. I say “crazy” not because it was actually crazy, but because that’s what people said when I told them what I was planning to do. Moving to California, for me, was one of those things that IContinue reading “The key to not going insane (and somehow always being happy)”

Success is like eating

Just a few days ago, my dad fell off a roof. He’s in construction and is on roofs all the time. At this point, we don’t really know exactly what happened except that it happened. The amount of damage it did to his skull was insane. The hospital told us that he basically shattered theContinue reading “Success is like eating”

You simply can’t please everyone.

I feel like most of us consciously know that pleasing everyone is an impossible task, but we still can worry so much about what others think. And look, maybe you like the idea that you put pleasing other people ahead of pleasing yourself. I can understand that, actually. I love adding value to other peopleContinue reading “You simply can’t please everyone.”

Gratitude and how it’s related to the “alert notifications” for your brain

I remember the feeling I had the last time I bought a new car. There’s just something about it! Even if it’s not brand new, you have this pride, this sense of ownership, over the car. It feels like you’ve accomplished something. Just like I’m sure you can relate to that, I’m sure you canContinue reading “Gratitude and how it’s related to the “alert notifications” for your brain”

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything

All of us have seen someone who’s great at what they do. It might look different for you, but what comes to mind for me is someone who runs a successful business. They make a great living and help a lot of people. When you think of that person, what else do you imagine aboutContinue reading “The way you do one thing is the way you do everything”

Leaning into it: The simple perspective shift you can use to turn “hate” into fuel

Ah, another day, another hater. If you spend any amount of time on the internet, you’re bound to come across one of them. As a matter of fact, you’re bound to come across a ton of them! The internet seems to do something to people where they all of a sudden become emboldened to sayContinue reading “Leaning into it: The simple perspective shift you can use to turn “hate” into fuel”

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

I just counted, and I’ve moved over a dozen times since I was old enough to remember (and I’m about to move again but to Arizona this time!) I know some people who dread moving. For me, I will say that I wasn’t necessarily a fan of it the first couple times when I wasContinue reading “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable”

The compounding effect of consistency

The other night, my wife and I were getting ready for bed. She looks over at me and goes, “Have you lost weight??” “What?? Why do you say that?” I said to her. “You look thinner!” Obviously I was flattered, but really I was proud! I had been doing bodyweight exercises every morning for theContinue reading “The compounding effect of consistency”

H.O.W. to reach your goals

Have you ever heard of Brendon Burchard? He’s big in the personal development space, and he wrote the book High Performance Habits I learned this framework I’m going to teach you today from him: H.O.W. to achieve your goals. What I love about this framework is that it’s so simple, but so profound. Here’s whatContinue reading “H.O.W. to reach your goals”